How mature is your faith.  Most of us are a mixture of both, hoping to get more mature along the way.

Immature Faith believes

1.     Good Christians do not have pain or disappointment.

2.     God helps those who help themselves.

3.     God only wants to make us happy.

4.     Faith will help us always explain what God is doing (things always work out).

5.     The closer we get to God, the more perfect we become.

6.     Mature Christians have all the answers.

7.     Good Christians are always strong.

8.     We go to church just because our friends are there.


Mature Adult Faith believes

1.     God uses our pain and disappointment to make us more like Jesus.

2.     God helps those who admit their own helplessness.

3.     God wants to make us into the image of Jesus.

4.     Faith helps us live under God’s sovereignty even when we have no idea what God is doing.

5.     The closer we get to God, the more we become aware of sinfulness.

6.     Christians can wrestle honestly with tough questions because we trust that God has the answers (even if He hasn’t yet told us what they are).

7.     Our strength is in admitting our weakness.

8.     We go to church because we belong to the body of Christ and need each other.

© Paul Wood