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I hope you find it helpful, maybe even a little enjoyable. Anyways, first the introduction, then the instructions, then click away!

This site is a product of a number of years in Church leadership and discipling Christians to help them to mature both as Christians and as people. When I mention discipling in this context, I am not talking about the initial moment of salvation or the process leading up to it. I am talking about the ongoing work of salvation in the life of a Christian. What happens when we need to address issues which prevent us being better reflections of Jesus’ love in the world. I am personally of the opinion that the Church is the only place this can happen, and that it is required of church leaders to assist in this process. Hopefully you will find material on this site which will enable just that.

You won’t find a step by step discipleship course, because to be honest, life rarely unfolds in such a structured way. Neither will you find a thorough-going deep theological treatise, I’ll leave that to those more gifted and knowledgeable than I. What you will find are a series of short papers I have used in teaching situations which I hope will be of use to you. You may not uncover any great new truths, in fact that wouldn’t surprise me, after all the fundamental Truths of the Christian faith haven’t changed since the start! They may however give your group a jump-start on discussing some of the issues they face.

General Materials are just that. A bunch of papers which talk more generally about some of the fundamental issues of who we are, where we are going, and how we can deal with the issues which we will face enroute. Small Group Materials have been used in smallgroups in the churches I have been involved with, and you will find there is some overlap between the different papers. This is deliberate as there are some things that bear repetition and have a bearing on many different parts of life.

One thing I ask, please respect the copyrights on the site, if you are going to use it as is, you will need to add a copyright notice where appropriate. As with a lot of Christian teaching, it is likely that there will be ideas and themes I unknowingly have used which come originally from a source I have not attributed. If that is the case, and you know who and where it came from originally, I will be happy to add an attribute.

God bless you.

Paul Wood